To mark the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, the BBC and The Reading Agency have created a list of 70 books from authors across the Commonwealth published during the Queen’s reign. The list is packed with well-known titles and some you may not have come across before. Dive into these 10 options to explore a new culture, … Continue reading 10 fantastic books from the Commonwealth to read to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee

Direct debits arrived in the UK in 1964 as a paper-based system. They’ve become essential for managing household outgoings and almost 9 in 10 British adults have at least one direct debit commitment. Now, “Open Banking” will change the way you make payments, and it could provide you with far more flexibility, including through the … Continue reading Swift payments are coming to banking. Here’s what you need to know

Do you have a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) in place? If you don’t, it could leave you in a vulnerable position if you’re unable to make decisions for yourself, such as after an accident or illness. Losing the mental capacity or ability to make decisions for yourself is something no one likes to think … Continue reading 80% of over-55s don’t have a Lasting Power of Attorney in place. Overlooking this could place you in a vulnerable position

When you’re nearing retirement there are a lot of big decisions you need to make. From when to retire to how much income to take from your pension, how long you will spend in retirement is a crucial piece of information. And it’s not something you should put off thinking about until you’re ready to … Continue reading Revealed: How long will you spend in retirement as more people than ever reach 100?

Getting the most out of retirement and reaching your goals requires planning. Not thinking about your post-work years until you reach that milestone can mean that a retirement that promised much, falls short. While you might daydream about giving up work, pinning down the details, from your lifestyle to your income, means you’re more likely … Continue reading The useful guide to reaching your retirement goals

Throughout March, the war in Ukraine continued to dominate headlines and affect investment portfolios around the world. Many companies, from well-known businesses like L’Oréal and Coca-Cola to smaller firms, have withdrawn operations from Russia, including online sales. Others, such as Unilever and Nestlé, have halted investment in the country but are continuing to provide some … Continue reading Investment market update: March 2022

Over the last two years, investors have experienced a lot of volatility. If you’ve been tempted to change long-term plans, data can highlight why you shouldn’t panic. At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, markets fell sharply, and investors continued to experience volatility as the situation and restrictions changed. Just as things were slowly getting … Continue reading 3 interesting pieces of data that show why you shouldn’t panic during market volatility

A will is the only way for your wishes to be legally enforceable when you pass away. However, it’s becoming more common for families to dispute wills. So, what can you do to ensure your will is upheld? In most cases, a will is followed, and families will respect the wishes of the deceased. But … Continue reading Will disputes are on the rise. 3 things you can do to minimise the chances of your wishes being challenged

Throughout February, tensions between Russia and western countries caused concern for investors. As Russia invaded Ukraine, stock markets around the world fell and it’s expected that volatility will continue. If you’re an investor, remember to keep a long-term outlook when reviewing your portfolio, and if you have any questions, we’re here to help you. UK … Continue reading Investment market update: February 2022

ESG investing means considering environmental, social, and governance factors when deciding how to invest. ESG investing continues to grow and more investors are considering how they reflect their values in financial decisions. It covers a broad range of areas, but here are some of the trends that are set to affect ESG investing this year. … Continue reading The ESG investment trends to watch out for this year

Official figures show that the amount paid in Inheritance Tax (IHT) has increased again. As the IHT thresholds are set to remain the same despite rising inflation, more people will need to consider how IHT could affect what they leave behind for their families. According to a report in FT Adviser, IHT receipts between April … Continue reading Inheritance Tax receipts rise again. What can you do to minimise the bill?

Given the current situation in Ukraine, we understand that you may have concerns and questions about what it could mean for you and your financial plan. You may be tempted to change your financial position as financial markets experience volatility. However, in most cases, doing nothing and sticking to your long-term financial plan is the … Continue reading Investment update from Enhance Financial Planning

In 1793, a vast army of the French First Republic locked horns with a combined force of Royalists and their foreign allies at the port city of Toulon. It was in this battle that a young artillery officer caught the attention of his superiors, demonstrating not only a high level of organisational skill, but also … Continue reading Guide: 5 important lessons that Napoleon can teach you about growing your wealth

Investment market update: January 2022

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While many countries have now eased Covid-19 restrictions, the knock-on effects of lockdown continue to affect economies, businesses, and households. According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), inflation in the 38 richest countries has reached 5.8% – a 25-year high. The findings also highlight the driving forces behind inflation rates. If food … Continue reading Investment market update: January 2022

20 March 2022 marks the United Nation’s (UN) International Day of Happiness. After two years of challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic, looking after your wellbeing has never been more important. The annual International Day of Happiness is a global celebration to promote the idea that happiness is a fundamental human goal and calls for … Continue reading International Day of Happiness: What could we learn from Bhutan?

When thinking about how parents will split their assets between children, it’s often assumed wealth will be evenly distributed. However, a survey suggests that, for a variety of reasons, a significant proportion of inheritances may not be. According to a report in Money Age, just 55% of UK adults plan to split their wealth equally … Continue reading Only 55% of people want to split their estate evenly between their children

For almost two years, the Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on lives around the world. From health concerns to restricting social gatherings, the pandemic may have led you to question plans you’ve previously set out. According to a survey conducted by Aviva, almost 6 in 10 people agree that the pandemic has made … Continue reading 59% of people say the pandemic has made them question their priorities. Has it affected your plans?

If you’re creating a financial plan as a couple, you should consider the effect one of you passing away could have. If one person’s income or assets are vital for the household’s financial security, it could leave the other in financial difficulty should they pass away. One of the questions couples sometimes ask is: “Will … Continue reading 5 steps that could provide financial security for your partner if you pass away

4 in 10 people are worrying about the impact Inheritance Tax (IHT) could have on the legacy they leave behind, according to Canada Life research. Yet, despite these concerns, just 20% are taking steps to reduce liability and only 7% seek professional advice. With a standard rate of 40%, IHT can mean a hefty tax … Continue reading 40% of people worry about Inheritance Tax, but only 7% seek advice

The pension gap between men and women is closing. But, once life expectancy is taken into consideration, women still need to save an extra £185,000 for retirement, on average, according to the Scottish Widows 2021 Women and Retirement report. The report finds that young women in their 20s today can expect to have around £250,000 … Continue reading The pension gap: Life expectancy means women need to save more for retirement

Whether retirement is over a decade away or just around the corner, you could face significant challenges that may affect the lifestyle you want. Learning more about these potential obstacles and taking steps to reduce their impact now could make heading into retirement smoother. Almost half of people see retirement as a time of financial … Continue reading 5 retirement challenges you could face and what to do about them

Pension tax relief has been boosting pension pots for 100 years. Over your working life, it’s an incentive that can add thousands of pounds to your retirement savings. While incredibly valuable, research suggests many high earners are still missing out on their full tax relief entitlement. Pension tax relief has evolved since it was introduced … Continue reading 100 years of pension tax relief: Millions of high earners are still missing out

How much money do you hold in cash accounts, like a current account or savings account? Figures suggest that millions of people are in a position to invest but are missing out on potential returns because they’re choosing cash. A new Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) campaign is aiming to reduce “investment harm”. This includes helping … Continue reading Do you have more than £10,000 in cash? You could be missing out on investment returns

Your State Pension may only make up a relatively small portion of your retirement income, but it’s an important part of it, and so it’s crucial you understand your entitlement. The recent news of underpaid State Pensions shows that many people don’t know how much they should receive. More than £1 billion unpaid to pensioners … Continue reading Why you need to understand your State Pension entitlement

If Inheritance Tax (IHT) is a concern for you, taking out a life insurance policy could mean your estate passes to loved ones intact. With some careful planning, a life insurance payout can cover your IHT liability and ensure assets are passed on to your loved ones. Planning what will happen after your death isn’t … Continue reading How a life insurance policy could help you preserve an inheritance for loved ones

“Employment is up, investment is growing, public services are improving, the public finances are stabilising, and wages are rising.” This is the backdrop against which Rishi Sunak presented the 2021 Autumn Budget. Promising “a stronger economy for the British people”, the chancellor outlined his taxation and spending proposals. Here’s a summary of the key points … Continue reading Everything you need to know about the 2021 Autumn Budget

While the direct impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has lessened for many economies, businesses are now struggling with the indirect consequences, such as supply chain issues. From microchips to aluminium cans, firms around the world are facing challenges getting hold of the materials and goods they need. Markets have largely recovered from the Covid-19 volatility, … Continue reading Investment market update: September 2021

In a bid to reduce monthly outgoings, first-time buyers are increasingly choosing mortgages with longer terms. While this can be a useful strategy, the amount of interest paid over the full term will be much more. If you’re thinking about taking out a longer mortgage, you should consider the long-term impact too. Rising house prices … Continue reading First-time buyers turn to longer mortgages, but the total interest paid could soar

Investment decisions should be based on logic and fact. But it’s easy for emotions and biases to affect your decisions, and this can lead to investment mistakes. Behavioural bias can be useful in some circumstances. It’s a way of making mental shortcuts when you need to make complex decisions. When you consider how many decisions … Continue reading 5 behavioural biases that lead to investment mistakes

How often do you discuss your finances? In the UK, talking about money and our long-term financial plans are often still seen as a taboo subject. Breaking down this barrier could help you and those who are important to you make better money decisions. Talk Money Week will take place between 8–12 November and aims … Continue reading Why money conversations are important for you and your loved ones

Almost a fifth (18%) of UK adults said their income had increased in the three months to June 2021, according to an LV= survey. As the pressure of lockdown eases, employees are also less worried about losing their job or being able to find work. If you have more disposable income now, it could be … Continue reading Has your income increased? Here’s why you should boost your pension contributions

While economies continue to recover from the effects of the pandemic, there are signs that the pace of growth is beginning to slow. According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the recovery of the world’s major economies is losing momentum. The organisation said consumers remain reluctant to eat out, visit attractions, and … Continue reading Investment market update: August 2021

House prices have soared. Your home could be one of your largest assets, but the wealth is largely inaccessible. With prices rising, it’s not surprising that some retirees are planning to use their homes to fund retirement through equity release. Before you start the process though, it’s vital you understand how it works and the … Continue reading Equity release: As house prices soar, here’s what you need to consider first

Travel restrictions this summer mean more Brits have been choosing to book a staycation. The UK is filled with stunning destinations to explore, and you may be thinking about buying your own holiday home to escape to in 2021 and beyond. But with so many locations to consider, where should you search for the ideal … Continue reading 5 beautiful places to consider if you’re thinking about buying a holiday home in the UK

In the space of just 12 years, the global economy experienced two events that are considered “once in a lifetime” occurrences. As well as having an impact on economies, the 2008 financial crisis and 2020 Covid-19 pandemic are likely to have affected your finances too. Many people will remember the impact of the 2008 financial … Continue reading After 2 “once in a lifetime” economic events in 12 years, how can you protect your assets?

Have you ever thought about the impact your money has? You may have considered how your money is invested, but how about where your money is saved? Good Money Week raises awareness of sustainable, responsible, and ethical finances. This year it runs between 2–8 October, making now the perfect time to learn more about the … Continue reading Good Money Week: The beginner’s guide to “ethical” money

The age you can access defined contribution (DC) pensions is rising. Research suggests that many people are unaware of this, but it could affect your retirement plans. At the moment, you can access money saved into a DC pension scheme from the age of 55. However, from 2028, this will rise to 57. If you’d … Continue reading When can you access your pension? It might be further away than you think

Ownership of cryptoassets is rising among UK investors and, while still relatively new, they are growing in popularity. But before you purchase crypto, it’s important to understand what the term means and if they have a place in your portfolio. According to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), 2.3 million adults now hold cryptoassets, compared to … Continue reading Cryptoasset ownership is rising, but is it an opportunity or risk?

House prices have reached record highs this year. While you may be pleased the value of your home is increasing, it may also mean you now need to consider Inheritance Tax (IHT). Or if IHT already plays a role in your plans, they may need updating. A combination of rising demand, the Stamp Duty holiday, … Continue reading Why rising house prices could mean you need to reconsider your Inheritance Tax plan

There are many excellent reasons to save into a pension. One of them is the tax relief you benefit from, but many pension savers are overlooking this valuable boost to retirement savings. According to a Royal London survey, just 15% of people fully understand how tax relief on pensions is paid. Importantly, once people had … Continue reading What is pension tax relief? How it can help you reach retirement goals

Every year, the State Pension triple lock is debated. The government has already ruled out scrapping the State Pension guarantee, but the pandemic could mean it costs far more than expected. If you’re a pensioner, you could see your income enjoy a record rise. What is the State Pension triple lock? The triple lock guarantees … Continue reading State Pension triple lock: Could the pandemic mean a bumper rise?

Last month, leaders of the G7 nations gathered in Cornwall for a summit. Unsurprisingly, the pandemic was top of the agenda, but climate change also featured prominently. As counties reaffirm their support for limiting climate change, it could affect businesses and, in turn, investors. All seven G7 nations – Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the … Continue reading ESG investing: The impact climate change could have on your investments

Interest rates have been below 1% for 12 years. If you’re a saver, that means you’ve likely been receiving very little interest from your savings. One alternative option you may be considering is an account with a prize draw, but are they worth it and do they make sense for you? Premium Bonds have been … Continue reading Are Premium Bonds and other prize draws a good option for your savings?

When you think about retiring, you probably imagine you won’t have any debt. While retirees may have traditionally cleared their credit cards and paid off the mortgage, those nearing retirement today are facing more challenges. Nearing your planned retirement age with debt can be worrisome, but it doesn’t mean you have to cancel all your … Continue reading What to consider if you’re worried about retiring with debt

While the gender pay gap has received lots of attention over recent years, the impact it has on pensions is often overlooked. Figures suggest that women are reaching retirement age with far less in their pensions than their male counterparts and it could have a serious impact on the retirement lifestyle they can enjoy. It’s … Continue reading The gender pay gap: How it goes beyond salaries and affects retirement

The route to homeownership is filled with challenges and securing a mortgage is becoming increasingly difficult for aspiring first-time buyers. As a parent, you may want to provide support and there are several different options to consider. House prices have been growing at a pace that outstrips wage growth. According to the Halifax House Price … Continue reading 4 things parents can do to help children secure a mortgage and financial security

Seven in ten (72%) UK adults have saved money due to the pandemic, but just a fraction plan to add these savings to their pension, according to an LV= survey. While considering short- and medium-term goals is important, making a one-off pension contribution can mean your money goes much further. Average pandemic savings are almost … Continue reading Why adding your savings to your pension could mean your money goes further

The pandemic has highlighted the impact the unexpected can have on finances and lifestyle for millions of people. The uncertainty of the last year is spurring more people to consider financial protection products. However, simply taking out a protection policy may not provide you with the right type or level of cover. It’s crucial you … Continue reading How to choose the right financial protection product to give you confidence

Are you thinking about gifting during your lifetime? Traditionally, you’d pass on wealth to family and friends through an inheritance, but many people are finding that doesn’t fit in with their plans. Instead, they’re passing on some assets now, but they do need to think about how it will affect the legacy they leave behind. … Continue reading Why you need to review your will if you’re gifting to loved ones now

There’s often a lot of talk about the State Pension Age rising and the impact it could have on retirement plans. But, in certain circumstances, delaying your State Pension payments could pay off. The State Pension Age is currently 65, but is gradually increasing and will reach 67 by 2028. You can use the government’s … Continue reading Should you defer your State Pension? It could reduce your tax liability

Across the UK, 6.5 million people provide informal care for a family member or friend. This care is hugely important for ensuring vulnerable people receive the support they need. However, delivering care presents challenges for carers too – mentally, physically, and financially. Recent research highlights the financial toll of caring for someone. The 7 June … Continue reading Carers Week: The financial impact of caring for a loved one

When you think of risks to your retirement, do you include inflation? It can have a huge impact on your income throughout retirement. Yet, it’s often overlooked when creating a retirement plan. Inflation refers to the rising cost of living. Day-to-day, it’s not something that you notice. However, over a longer timeframe, such as your … Continue reading How inflation can reduce your pension and what you can do about it

During March there were reasons to be optimistic. In fact, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) raised global growth forecasts following Covid-19 vaccination and stimulus package news around the world. It’s now expected the global economy will expand 5.6% this year. Despite the pandemic dominating headlines, a survey from the Bank of America … Continue reading Investment market update: March 2021

Britain has a long history of fantastic storytellers, and a new generation of authors have filled this year’s British Book Awards shortlist with excellent reads. If you’re looking for some new books to read as the weather warms up, there are some fantastic options to choose from. The British Book Awards is an annual celebration … Continue reading 10 books to fall in love with from the British Book Awards 2021 shortlist

In 2020, the government spent an unprecedented amount supporting the economy through the Covid-19 pandemic. The economic consequences are expected to be felt for years to come and will no doubt influence policy that will affect personal finances. For the 2020/21 tax year, public sector net borrowing – the difference between public spending and total … Continue reading The cost of Covid-19: How does pandemic borrowing add up?

Technology has made investing far more accessible. You can now invest and make changes to your portfolio with just a few taps on your smartphone. While more people investing for their future is a good thing, technology is instilling bad habits in some investors. Far from investing with a long-term goal in mind, some investors, … Continue reading Technology encourages more investors to seek the “thrill” of trading and take bigger financial risks

The cost of funding care and delivering support to the elderly has become a national priority. However, research suggests it’s still not something individuals are thinking about when they make retirement plans. As average life expectancy has risen, the demand for care has soared and more people are living with complex needs. A report from … Continue reading 3 reasons to make social care part of your retirement plan

In March, chancellor Rishi Sunak delivered his second Budget. After a lot of speculation that taxes would rise to pay for the cost of Covid-19, you may have been relieved to discover your tax bill won’t be going up. However, you could still be worse off. Rather than increasing taxes, the chancellor said he would … Continue reading How the tax freezes announced in the Budget could leave you worse off

A year after lockdowns around the world began, Covid-19 continues to affect economies and investment markets. While the volatility experienced almost 12 months ago may have calmed, uncertainty remains and it’s important for investors to focus on their long-term plan. In February, Kristalina Georgieva, managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), called on leaders … Continue reading Investment market update: February 2021

It’s been a year since lockdown was first announced in the UK in order to slow the spread of Covid-19. While restrictions have varied over the last 12 months, they have significantly affected daily life. If you’ve been feeling stressed or anxious recently, you’re not alone, and a new hobby to focus on could relieve … Continue reading 5 excellent hobbies that could help you overcome lockdown stress

In 2020, Covid-19 dominated the headlines. There were concerns that it would mean some of the challenges and opportunities ESG investing represents would fall to the wayside. However, in many cases, the pandemic has actually moved ESG investing up the agenda. “ESG investing” refers to making investment decisions that consider environmental, social or governance practices. … Continue reading How has Covid-19 affected ESG investing? Signs suggest it could become mainstream

The pandemic has led to more people taking control of their finances and investing. If you’re looking for some investing tips, the following pearls of wisdom from Warren Buffett are a great place to start. Known as a businessman and philanthropist, Warren Buffett consistently ranks on lists of the world’s richest people, with an estimated … Continue reading 7 powerful investment lessons from Warren Buffett

2020 was an eventful year. The pandemic and subsequent lockdowns around the world had a huge impact on life, which inevitably affected stock markets and investment portfolios. The stock market volatility experienced a year ago will be fresh in the mind of investors, but the crash wasn’t unique. Investors have experienced ups and down for … Continue reading The history of investing: What the past can teach us about market cycles

Is the common saying “money can’t buy happiness” true? Research suggests that it isn’t, and that the opportunities financial security brings can deliver happiness and improve wellbeing. This latest study refutes often cited research, which claims money could buy happiness but only up to a point. A 2010 paper written by psychologist Daniel Kahneman and … Continue reading Can money buy happiness? It’s the freedom to reach goals that adds value to your life

Your 2021 Budget summary

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On Wednesday 3 March, Rishi Sunak delivered his second Budget as chancellor. The Budget outlines the state of the economy and the government’s spending plans. The World Health Organization declared Covid-19 a pandemic on 11 March 2020, the same date as the 2020 Budget. Since then, the pandemic has led to lockdowns, restrictions, and an … Continue reading Your 2021 Budget summary

Our latest guide is in partnership with Neil Bage, founder of Be-IQ, a fintech company focused on behavioural insights. The guide gives a fascinating overview of how our behavioural biases can affect the decisions we make. It could help you better understand your own decisions and what you can do to reduce your biases. We … Continue reading Guide: Behavioural biases, and how they affect your financial decisions

As we continue to be in lockdown, you may find that you have far more time on your hands. It makes it the perfect time to look at how you can improve skills, whether you want to get ahead in your career or simply learn something new. While traditional classes are not possible at the … Continue reading 5 places you can find online courses perfect for improving skills and professional development

Following a year of uncertainty, you may be worried about your finances. Covid-19 has had an impact in many ways, from reducing income to affecting investments. Some financial firms have also been affected and this may mean you’re concerned about how secure your assets are. The good news is that there are protective measures in … Continue reading How the Financial Services Compensation Scheme protects you

As the NHS continues to battle the challenges of Covid-19, you may be considering taking out health insurance. The pandemic means many people are facing delays and unable to book appointments when they want to speak to a health professional due to backlogs and restrictions. Taking out private health insurance could provide you with an … Continue reading Is health insurance something you should consider?

Top ESG trends for 2021

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When investing, it’s the performance and returns that are often the focus. Yet, more investors than ever are also considering ESG (environmental, social and governance) factors when deciding where to invest. As ESG investing grows, trends for 2021 are emerging. In 2020, investors placed nearly four times the amount of cash into responsible investment funds … Continue reading Top ESG trends for 2021

Have you started preparing for retirement yet? If you’re nearing this milestone you may have contemplated whether your pension will be enough and how you’ll create an income. It’s often the financial side of retirement that people focus on. It’s understandable why. Retirement is a big change to your income. But the lifestyle and emotional … Continue reading Have you prepared emotionally for retirement?

Travel trends for 2021

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This year has meant cancellations and a need to rearrange travel plans thanks to Covid-19. Now, as vaccines have been unveiled, you may be thinking about where you can visit in 2021. Whether you hope to visit a destination you’ve visited before or somewhere new, the pandemic may influence your plans as it has done … Continue reading Travel trends for 2021

Naming a Lasting Power of Attorney is something that we should all do. It’s something that can provide us with security if we’re unable to make decisions. While it’s often something that’s associated with being elderly, it’s just as important for younger generations to take this step too. A Power of Attorney gives someone you … Continue reading Lasting Power of Attorney: Why is it something we put off?

When you’re looking forward to retirement, working out your life expectancy may not be something that’s on your mind. Instead, you’re likely to be planning how you’ll spend your time now you’ve reached the milestone. But life expectancy is an important part of retirement planning. Life expectancy is rising. And while pension age has increased … Continue reading Why life expectancy matters when planning your retirement

Investment market update: October 2020

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In October, there were signs of economic recovery from the impact of Covid-19. However, over the month, many countries have reimposed restrictions and, in some cases, full lockdown, to stem the spread of the virus. As a result, it’s expected that volatility and uncertainty will continue into winter. The International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) Managing Director … Continue reading Investment market update: October 2020

The season for giving is here and there’s more than one way you can help communities and tackle wider issues. The 5th December marks International Volunteer Day. It mobilises thousands of volunteers lending their support to charities and other organisations every year. This year supporting charities is more important than ever. Lockdown restrictions mean some … Continue reading 7 ways you can support charities to mark International Volunteer Day

It should come as no surprise that we believe financial advice adds real value to the lives of our clients. While the financial benefits of advice are often discussed, the value it can add in terms of wellbeing is sometimes overlooked but is just as valuable. The improvements to wellbeing that financial advice can offer … Continue reading Revealed: the wellbeing and emotional impact of financial advice

For many, retiring abroad is a dream. Enjoying your golden years in a sunnier country and experiencing a new culture certainly has an appeal. But with many retirement hotspots in Europe, Brexit could derail some plans and make moving to a new country far more difficult. Almost half are reconsidering retiring abroad due to Brexit … Continue reading Retiring abroad: What does Brexit mean for your plans?

Do you know how much you need to save into your pension for the retirement you want? Millions of pension savers are underestimating how much they’ll need once they give up work. It’s a miscalculation that could lead to a retirement that doesn’t meet expectations. Even if retirement seems a long way off, a pension … Continue reading Underestimating the amount you need in retirement: How a mid-life check can help

As countries around the world eased lockdown restrictions, there are positive signs that economies are recovering following the Covid-19 pandemic. However, with new measures in place potentially for months, the virus continues to have an impact and the future remains uncertain. The Organisation for Economic Co-operations and Development (OECD) now expects the global economy to … Continue reading Investment market update: September 2020

Do you consider sustainability when making financial decisions? With Good Money Week starting on the 24th October, which aims to encourage people to think about sustainability when it comes to banking, pensions, savings and investments, now is a good time to learn more. While sustainability in finance is often associated with incorporating ethics and values, … Continue reading Good Money Week: ESG and investment sustainability

More people are becoming self-employed and it’s a step that’s been linked to improved wellbeing. But it can mean your financial security falls, particularly when looking ahead to retirement. For self-employed workers, it’s important to take steps that can ensure your financial security in the long term. According to research from the Institute of Fiscal … Continue reading 5 steps the self-employed should take to prepare for retirement

Could You Be £40,000 Better Off?

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  Most people require good financial advice at some point.  It could be for pension planning, investments, family protection and inheritance tax planning. Research from the International Longevity Centre has revealed that on average, financial advice leaves people £40,000 better off compared to those taking no advice. The research looked at those taking financial advice … Continue reading Could You Be £40,000 Better Off?

Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond will deliver his Autumn Budget next Wednesday (23rd November).  The political backdrop means it is going to be a tricky balancing act.  The government has a small majority, there have been high profile Cabinet resignations in recent weeks and Brexit negotiations appear to have stalled. All of these issues … Continue reading 4 things you should be looking for in next week’s Budget

What Is Your Number?

Posted on October 17, 2017 in: Articles

A recent poll found that 45% of working people would retire immediately in return for a lump sum of £1 million or less. For £2 million, a larger amount of people (53%) would be prepared to quit the rat race for good. Two-thirds (66%) would quit on the spot for £10 million. Have you ever … Continue reading What Is Your Number?

Each demographic cohort has its own name. Those born between 1980-2000 are called ‘Millennials’. If you were born between 1960-1980 you belong to ‘Generation X’. The most widely talked about generation, the ‘Baby Boomers’, were born during the years following the 2nd World War. You’ve no doubt encountered these descriptions before. However, have you ever … Continue reading Are You A Member Of The Sandwich Generation?